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Resource Mode

Assman optimizes for the development process while in Debug mode, and optimizes the performance of your website when in Release mode.

When in Debug mode

  • All changes to scripts and stylesheets are reflected automatically on next page refresh, even if that file is consolidated into a group
    • Browser caches are automatically busted because a request specific version number is appended to each resource include
  • Scripts/Stylesheets are consolidated into the same groups they will be in when released to production
    • Consolidation can be turned off temporarily on a group by group level to aid debugging
  • Scripts and stylesheets are not minified to aid debugging

When in Release mode

  • Scripts and Stylesheets are minified
  • Compiled Scripts and Stylesheets are cached server side so compilation only happens once
  • The browser cache is leveraged to the fullest extent
  • A version number can be set that will allow the resources to be cached aggressively by the browser, yet ensures that old caches of resources do not interfere
  • Scripts and stylesheets can be Precompiled during the build process of your website

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